avira SafeThings™

Our mission is to transform the Connected World into a safe place for everyone.

Our IoT Technology Innovation Lab was a natural answer to the Connected World facing threats of unprecedented scale and temerity. We are witnessing the physical and digital facets of our lives coming together. With this, users’ privacy and device security are endangered.

Avira SafeThings™ is the signature product of Avira’s satellite IoT Technology Innovation Hub, the place where we build unique and innovative products to amplify the benefits of connected technology, while putting users’ privacy and security first.

our Journey

AI Powered IoT

Intrigued by the absence of relevant products to get this problem solved, we started our quest to design an IoT Security technology that just works. To achieve this, we took the 30 years old expertise engrained in our DNA, and combined it with a lean startup initiative.

The result is a nicely designed innovation canvas where artificial intelligence, security pedigree, and user centricity stay at the very core of our novel approach.

Avira SafeThings™ is an AI powered IoT security technology that works with basically any router. It secures all the connected smart devices and operators’ infrastructures against hijacking, DDoS attacks and privacy intrusion.

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