Why choose Avira SafeThings™

We firmly believe that traditional IT security principles must change for the connected home. An approach using Intelligence is required, and data is the key.

This is why Avira SafeThings™ features an AI-based approach to protect the user in the connected home, no matter what devices are linked to the router.

Smart and Easy

Avira SafeThings™

Why Avira SafeThings™ is the best solution for IoT security

Quick and easy deployment

Routers or security boxes are very expensive. And clients aren’t willing to pay extra money for extra hardware.

But Avira SafeThings™ doesn’t require additional hardware, thus making IoT security affordable and adoptable. Just as security should be.

Continuous and dynamic analysis

Current solutions offer simple, list-based domain filtering security. And this security measure can easily be bypassed by attackers.

But Avira SafeThings™ uses dynamic behavioral analysis, a technique that learns and adapts detection rules continuously for each individual device.

No additional hardware required

It’s not easy to set up additional boxes or standalone security hardware. And not everyone is a security expert.

But Avira SafeThings™ comes onboard of the main Internet router. It can even retrofit already deployed routers via firmware update.

Built for you

Enjoy the flexibility your business needs

Avira SafeThings™ is built to be highly customizable – from the equipment it can run on to the systems it can integrate with.

smart home security – on autopilot

The consumer expects security to just work. Avira SafeThings™ automatically secures the Internet where it meets the home, right at the gateway.

SMART and scalable

It will constantly be up to date.

Avira SafeThings™ is self-updatable, and it always benefits from last-minute threat protection techniques from the SafeThings Protection Cloud.

Our team is happy to answer any of your questions.

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